Hop Into Spring Zentangle® Inspired Art Class

Zentangle® Inspired Art (ZIA)

Hop Into Spring

Nothing says Spring to me like flowers and Bunnies! So, I had this idea for a class that has both. And let’s add watercolors too! This class will take you back to drawing and coloring as a child. Remember those days? We didn’t care what our bunnies looked like; we just drew them because it made us happy!

Zentangle Inspired Art covers a wide range of styles & mediums. It is essentially an artwork that is inspired by and/or includes Zentangle pattern drawing and is representationalHearts for the World is a ZIA classes.

I hope you’ll join us for Hop Into Spring; a ZIA class where we’ll create beautiful art by drawing bunnies and Spring greenery and flowers with patterns. Because we’re drawing bunnies, this art is representational (not abstract or unplanned) and that’s what makes it ZIA.

Although this is a ZIA class, we will be using the Zentangle Method to create our art.

Hop Into Spring – COVERING

  • How to create a beautiful Spring piece drawing bunnies and spring greenery and flowers
  • Techniques for adding watercolor
  • Techniques for using a Sakura Glaze pen with watercolors
  • Inspiration and ideas for your finished drawings


  • 2 hours of online instruction via Zoom
  • a pdf file with bunny templates to use for class



Although it’s always a benefit to have completed a basic or introductory level Zentangle class prior to this “ZIA” class.


  • 1 white Zendala tile (or a piece of watercolor or mixed media cut into a 4.5” circle or with a circle drawn on it)
  • Black or Brown Sakura Micron 01
  • Watercolors: blue (a sky-blue shade), greens (min of a light and dark shade), and your favorite spring colors for florals) I’ll be using Peerless watercolors, but any brand will work just fine! Use your favs!
  • White Sakura 08 Gel Pen
  • White chalk pencil
  • Black pastel pencil OR pencil
  • Tortillions for blending white and black
  • Paintbrush, palette (a small plate or even wax paper works) and water and I like to have lots of paper towels too
  • Drying tool (to speed the drying)

Optional Tools & Materials

  • White or clear Sakura glaze pen
  • Alternative coloring medium (if watercolors do not make you happy or you simply prefer to use something else, please feel free to use colored pencils, markers, whatever makes you happy!)

NOTE: In this 2-hour class we’ll create one drawing; I’ll be drawing on a white Zentangle® Zendala tile. If you don’t have a Zendala tile, no worries, you can draw on whatever paper you have, however, if you want to add watercolor you may want to have watercolor paper or mixed media paper. I’ll also be using Peerless watercolors. I love these paints because they keep their vibrant colors and they come on a flat sheet, so they are portable! Again, you can use any watercolors you have, and you can use another medium if you want, colored pencils, pastel pencils, brush pens, etc. And one final note on materials; I’ll be demonstrating drawing with a Sakura glaze pen and painting over the glaze. It acts as a resist and I love the result. If you don’t have one, you can draw on top of the watercolor with a white gel pen. I’ll also be using white gel pen for highlights.

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