Tangled Up Together

Tangled Up Together - TUT Fall Winter 2021

I hope you’ll join us for Tangled Up Together (TUT); a monthly class or mini workshop where we’ll create beautiful Zentangle® inspired art, learn and explore new tangles, or practice familiar ones. And just as important, we’ll take some time for ourselves to relax and do something you'll enjoy. I’ll provide the monthly inspiration and we’ll gather online via Zoom for friendship and lots of fun! I happen to adore the amazing community of artists that I’m blessed to call my students and friends.

You can usually draw the projects in black and white, classic Zentangle Method style, or you can add color with your favorite medium! You’ll see sample projects using colored pencil, gel pens, and watercolor. I do love watercolor so you can expect to see me demo lots of watercolor in these Tangled Up Together workshops!

COST: $15 USD per person

WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1-1/2 hours of instruction and play.


WHEN: Check my schedule for dates. 

Although it’s always a benefit to have completed a basic or introductory level Zentangle class prior to any Zentangle or Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) class, I encourage you to jump in even if you’ve never taken a class before! And, it doesn’t really matter how young you are; in general, if you can hold a pen and draw the letters i, s, c, & o you can do this! If you don’t believe me, I dare you to try it!

TOOLS & MATERIALS: These will vary from month to month and this list covers most of what we'll be playing with. I'll let you know each month what I'll be using and you can use what you like!

  • Any Zentangle tile (or paper cut into squares no larger than 4", 3” x 5” rectangles, or circles no larger than 4.5” in diameter)
  • Black Sakura Micron 01 or PN pen
  • Graphite pencil
  • Tortillion or blending stump
  • Colored pens (Sakura Micron or Gelly Roll)
  • White Sakura Gelly Roll pen
  • White chalk pencil
  • Another medium for color: colored pencils, watercolor, pastel chalk pencils, etc.

NOTE: You do not need any special materials to draw with us when we’re Tangled Up Together. This art looks amazing in black & white – white tile or paper, black pen, graphite pencil and tortillion or blending stump, you can even use a cotton swab or your finger for blending! I’ll be using the tools and materials listed, and I recommend you use what you have. I may use a colored Micron pen, and you may use a gel pen; I may use watercolor and you may use colored pencils if that’s what you have and/or prefer.

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