Zentangle® Watercolor Labyrinths

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Zentangle® Inspired Art

Zentangle Watercolor Labyrinths

The Zentangle method is an easy to learn, fun, and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Maria is a calligrapher and illustrator and Rick lived as a monk for many years and has a background in meditation. Maria and Rick believe that “Anything is possible – one stroke at a time” and that everyone is an artist!

Zentangle Watercolor Labyrinths is what we call a Zentangle Inspired Art, or ZIA class. And you may wonder why ZIA is different. Although it is far more complex, it is also simple. When creating ZIA, you are trying to make it representational, to look like something. In this case we are starting with a labyrinth.

We like to say, “There’re NO MISTAKES in Zentangle!” If you’ve never even heard of Zentangle, I’m confident that if you can hold a pen and write your name you can do this!

Zentangle Watercolor Labyrinths – COVERING:

  • Learn about Labyrinths and their meditative qualities.
  • Learn to draw a classic labyrinth and add color using brush markers and water brushes.
  • You’ll learn 10 new tangles and/or gain practice, and perhaps a new perspective for drawing familiar ones.


  • 4 hours of instruction and play
  • Chocolate
  • Class Kit (sold at the beginning of class for $20) containing:
    • Bijou tiles for each tangle I teach (Use it for a mono-tangle for your Tangle Index or just for play!)
    • Watercolor Paper (or perhaps a 10.5” square Zentangle Opus tile)
    • Set of 4 Tombow Dual Brush Pens
    • Waterbrush
    • Sakura Metallic Gold Gelly Roll
    • Additional pen (TBD)




There is no need to bring anything but your beautiful self and a smile! All materials are included in the required class kit. The kit cost is $20. (I guess you want to bring $20 – cash, check, or debit/credit.)


Register for this class via www.cochise.edu/cll

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