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Twinkling Lights Video

In this video you'll watch me create a fun holiday image with a string of lights. I use the Zentangle® Method of drawing to create this Zentangle Inspired Art or ZIA piece. There are no pattern step out instructions as this is such a simple design, everyone can create it too!

In the video I use a 3.5" square Zentangle tile and a black Sakura Micron PN pen and Micron 01 pen, a pencil and tortillion for blending. I also use Sakura Stardust Gel Roll pens. I encourage you to use the supplies you have and follow along for a relaxing and fun meditative experience. And who doesn't need that?!?

The music playing in the background is the amazing Robin Miller. I'm using it with his permission and if you enjoy it, check out his website for more!