Square Shapes for Practice 3.5 inches


These Freebies are available for your convenience. Use them to get started with your Zentangle practice right away!


Practicing The Zentangle® Method is about the journey, not the result. Often the practice produces a beautiful image, but it really is the journey that provides the Magic!  I’m a big believer in using what you have! I love my Zentangle® products and their tiles are beautiful! You can find some in my shop or at Zentangle.com if you wish to purchase some!

Because I want you to begin your journey right away, I’ve created these pdf files to provide the shapes that I use most often in class. You can download these files and print them on a variety of paper, from printer paper and cardstock to watercolor paper (not all printers can handle watercolor paper!). My favorite is cover stock. It’s heavier than printer paper and has a bit more tooth or texture than cardstock. I find it economical, and I buy a ream at a time from the office supply store.

You can use these to tangle along in class if you’d like.


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