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Are you in tune with your Inner Princess?

Karen Webb from Chocolate Lily Art is going to be my guest teacher in October. Karen is a fantastic artist, “Repurposer of Forgotten Books” and my good friend! Karen has perfected the art of re-purposing vintage (forgotten) books and her work can be found at the Tang Gallery in Bisbee, Arizona.

Here are a few photos of some of Karen’s work for you to enjoy!

You are Beautiful!

You are Creative!”

You are Loved!

You are Strong!

You are Brave!

You are Perfect!

Karen has created this class to help us remember that inside all of us is a princess. We will be creating beautiful journals from vintage books. You will learn basic book-binding skills and have fun in the process. Last time Karen taught a Vintage Journal class it filled up quickly so don’t wait too long to reserve your space!

Til next time. Be You and Be Happy!