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Inspiration is everywhere! I found it in the wallpaper!

Hello precious friend! How are you today? I find myself filled with gratitude!

Blessed with a mild winter.
Blessed to have family around me.
Blessed to have you reading this!


I’ve been so focused on recording and editing videos for my YouTube channel that I found myself longing to make art just for me. Of course, I started with renewing my (mostly) daily practice of the Zentangle Method of drawing.


I’ve continued to practice; that was mostly for my videos. What I needed was to get back to the basics. Quiet my mind, settle into the moment, and tangle away. Unplanned, drawing in the moment with no expectations…

And it worked. I found myself becoming more inspired, more creative, and ready for more!

In fact, I was inspired to deconstruct a new tangle. It’s been in my head for a couple of years. You see, I used to travel a lot. And once I discovered Zentangle®, I started seeing patterns everywhere. And I always have a camera with me (on my phone) so I have lots of photos of wallpaper, carpet, curtains, dishes, and who knows what else. Occasionally, I’ll get an urge to play with one to see what I can create. That’s what happened recently and my new tangle Orbstringz is the result.



Here is a photo of the wallpaper that was my inspiration.


I deconstructed the tangle and then went back to find the photo. When I did, my first thought was that there were more strings than orbs. But it was just an inspiration photo. I wasn’t trying to replicate it. I really loved the orbs that have lines across and no perimeter line. And the idea of strings behind each other and interwoven together. And if you know my work, you know I love orbs!



There are so many ways to make this tangle your own. I especially love the idea of using Zentangle fragments, or micro patterns in the circles. I never really know how to use circle fragments so I’m excited to use them in this tangle. I realize this is a short post. I wanted to get the step out to you soon! I can’t wait to see what you create with Orbstringz! 

Til next time,

Be you and be happy!