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"Art is a way of survival"

Yoko Ono

Client Love!

After trying to learn to tangle on my own was a bust, I searched for a CZT in my area. I found Brenda and I am so glad that I did! What I get out of her classes is: I have a serene place to go and forget about "life issues" for a while. Brenda is encouraging and a gem to be around. In addition to this, I have met new people, and being able to draw with other people and see their take on the same tangle is pretty cool. Brenda inspired me and helps me keep going with my work. There are no mistakes and every tile is a practice tile is my mantra ahaha! Thank you Brenda for being an amazing teacher and artist!

~ Tiffany G

We just finished our Tangling on the Grid class. It was wonderful. I love this women. The very first class I had at Thrive I tangled for an hour and shut out everything. That is a hard thing for me to do because my brain never shuts down. I walked out of the class thinking I now know how mothers shut there children off. I have been hooked ever since. This works for me like meditation does for others. In addition I get a beautiful end result, a beautiful piece of art made by you guessed it ME. What a blessing (being able to shut out the world for a while) and a reward (a piece of art that I have to remind me of this experience). I wish everyone could try this. Anyone can do this. Brenda is a wonderful instructor. Please come to one of her demos at Thrive. I guarantee you too will become hooked.

~ Sharon B

Spent a wonderful few hours in Brenda's studio making some cheery holiday cards. What a wonderful hostess/art coordinator Brenda is. Thanks for the day. I recommend taking one of her classes. She is a good cook too.

~ Donna B

Brenda is such a joy to be around! I always look forward to attending her classes.

~ Anita M

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