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Wooden Tree Ornaments

I know the holidays are over but things got crazy here and I’m going with the “better late than never” philosophy on this one!

My second workshop as a teacher and the third for Angel Studio was a mixed media workshop where were made wooden tree ornaments. My 5 year old granddaughters, Nellie & Rosie helped me make the samples.

We started with triangle shaped pieces of wood that my wonderful hubby cut for me. We painted the sides with white gesso followed by craft paint. Then we added a variety of patterned paper to the front and back using gel medium. When they were dry we covered them with mica flakes. All that remained was to add embellishments like buttons, wooden and paper snowflakes, even paper snowmen! I had printed Christmas and Winter song lyrics to add to the back of the ornaments too! We screwed small hardware ring into the top and added ribbon so they could be hung on a tree. The flat bottom allowed them to sit nicely on a shelf if that’s what we wanted.

We added glitter to some of the snowflakes and one person even added a photo to the front! Everyone had fun and every ornament was unique! I loved seeing what each person did. Here are a few of the ornaments that were created.

I can’t wait until the next mixed media workshop!

Til next time…Be You and Be Happy!