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What's a ZIA Tangle? Can you guess?

Hello all you precious souls! I’m sending good vibes to you all right now! I hope you can feel them. Are you enjoying Fall? I know it’s different everywhere, but here in Iowa it’s spectacular! I’ve always loved the beginning of a new season. I like the change! I get bored easily so by the time Winter arrives, I’ll be ready for another change. Or at least I hope so! Iowa winters are much colder than Arizona winters! And once again, I digress.

This is the time of year for Pumpkin Spice Lattes and other pumpkin things, sweaters and leaves, and Halloween! It’s always been a favorite holiday of mine. Before I moved to Iowa, I had more bins in the garage for Halloween decorations than I did for Christmas decorations. My good friend and I used to host an annual costume party and it was always such fun! I miss those parties, but life changes and I do enjoy change. I heard that on Halloween my street will get over 500 trick or treaters. What! That’s a LOT of costumes (and candy!) I think I’m ready for them and I can’t wait to experience this holiday in a different way!

And on the subject of Halloween, last year I held a mini workshop and taught this tangle. I really didn’t share it beyond the class, and I thought it was the perfect time to revisit it. I’m not sure that this would technically qualify as a tangle, because I draw this pattern to look like a bat. OK, to kinda look like a bat anyway. Remember that when we practice the Zentangle Method, we are drawing non-representational patterns. That just means that it’s not intended to look like something. No top or bottom, just lines and patterns. So, you can see how this tangle is more like a ZIA tangle. I can use this tangle to create a Zentangle Inspired Art piece. So I’m going to call this a ZIA tangle. Now that I think about it maybe all the tangles I’ve deconstructed are ZIA tangles. Interesting!

So, without further delay, I’d like to present BATZ, a seasonal ZIA tangle. Watch the video to see how I draw it.

And here's the step out for you.


I’ll be posting a part 2 to this video and I’ve got a couple more videos that will be posted soon so stay tuned…

Thank you so very much for following me and supporting my very small business! I create with or without a business, but it’s much more fun to create with you!

Til next time,

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