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A New Tangle - HeartzNPearlz

HeartzNPearlz - a NEW tangle!

2 9 Hearts Class Tile
Hearts LR
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Every year for the past 44 years, February has brought lots of flowers, occasionally intimate dinners in amazing restaurants & expensive jewelry, and always lots of hugs and kisses! You see, my husband is a hopeless romantic...but only in February.

Don’t misunderstand, I love that February is so special. You see, we were married in February and of course, Valentine’s Day is in February so it’s always a wonderful time of the year! Even in this strange time of the pandemic, he’s got something magical planned!

IMG 6924


I started drawing hearts in January. I love to draw hearts, I always have! They are simple happy shapes and are filled with love! I stumbled across a Zendala tile design that I kept playing with, and I enjoyed drawing it so much that I just kept creating more!

When I practice the Zentangle® Method, I always begin with a breathing meditation for step 1, Gratitude and Appreciation. If I am holding someone in my thoughts, say someone is celebrating, or grieving, or ill; I will focus on them during step 1 and I dedicate that tile to them. Call it a prayer, or a wish if you want. I may even send the completed tile to that person.

So, I was thinking that with everything going on in the world at the moment, I could hold the world in my thoughts and simply send love out to the world as I draw my tiles. And then it hit me. If I can gather a group to send love out to the world together, how powerful that would be! And my ZIA class Hearts for the World was created.

HeartzNPearlz SO


As I was drawing on my zendala tiles, I started to play with the borders, and I tried several different tangles. I had a tangle idea I wanted to try, although I was sure someone had already deconstructed it. When I looked for it so that I might credit another artist, I realized that I couldn’t find one like it! It must be new! I created a step out for my class and my students liked it too! So, I’m sharing it here with you. I hope you like it too and I can’t wait to see what you all create with it!


I received lots of positive response to my online class. Thank you all for your kind comments on FB and IG! I’m working on a downloadable class in the form of a .pdf file with links to videos. Stay tuned for updates!

Hearts In Color Q


I truly love my students! I learn as much from them as they do in my classes. I am blessed and grateful to be a part of this group of incredibly giving artists and CZTs!

Hearts Class 2 9 Mosaic
Hearts Class 2 13 Mosaic

If you would like to join me for class online, look at myschedule, pick a class, and contact me to reserve your spot!


Til next time,
Be You & Be Happy!