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Christmas 2012

Christmas is behind us and New Year’s Eve is tomorrow. Another year has come and gone – too quickly if you ask me! Tomorrow I’ll be reflecting on what I accomplished in 2012 and looking forward and determining what I want to focus on in 2013.

This year Christmas was spent in Mason City Iowa with my side of the family, in Casa Grande Arizona with my husband’s side of the family and of course right here in our home in Hereford Arizona. It was hectic and crazy and although I am a tad bit exhausted, I loved every minute of it! I thought it might be nice to share with you a few of my favorite photos from Christmas 2012.

We put our Christmas tree up later than usual, but once it was up and the houes was decorated it was a joy to watch the grandchildren enjoying them.

Children Around the Christmas Tree

They were so curious, especially the twins (Penelope and Rosalind). It was a challenge to keep them from pulling off the ornaments, but it was so fun to watch them!

Last year Steve bought these cute Charlie Brown musicians at the Hallmark store. This year the girls were old enough to push the buttons and dance to the music.

Charlie Brown Christmas Music

Alistair was having fun with a stuffed reindeer that played a Christmas song. He looks so sweet in this photo!

Alaistair and the Reindeer

Then it was off to Iowa. We knew that it could be cold there in December but we didn’t plan on a winter storm. We did manage to get all our shopping done before the storm hit so we were able to sit inside and watch it blow.

Iowa Winter Storm

Iowa Winter Storm 2

My sister Teresa made all the cookies for our family Christmas party. Don’t they look yummy! I admit that they were and I know I ate a few too many!

Teresa's Christmas Cookies

And this is my favorite photo from the Iowa family Christmas party. This is my Great Aunt Eleanor (my father’s aunt) and one of the oldest living family members with Kenli (my neice’s daughter) one of the youngest family members. Eleanor was having a wonderful time with Kenli and it made all of us happy to see her smile!

Aunt Eleanor and Kenli

On Christmas Eve we open a few gifts. When I was a girl, we always celebrated Christmas at both of my Grandparents on Christmas Eve so we made it a tradition to open a gift or two on Christmas Eve. All the grandchildren opened a gift of warm footie PJs that they can wear to bed while they wait for Santa!

Christmas PJ's

(The 4×6 layout was created in PSE 10 using: Angie Briggs’ Jiffy Easy Page Album: 12×12 So This Is Christmas, So This Is Christmas Collection Biggie, and So This Is Christmas Paper Biggie 2, Melissa Renfro’s ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Lifted Photos Biggie -Weathered, and Sarah Batdorf’s ScrapSimple Tools – Styles: Basic Shadows 6501, all available at ScrapGirls and LD Royal Portable font available at ScrapNFonts)

And then there was Christmas morning. Al loves trains and Uncle Justin won Christmas once again with his gift of battery operated Thomas trains.

Al and His Trains

And our dear friends Tom & Karen got Al a radio controlled truck which Al loves but the Nellie and Rose had a blast playing with (or in) the box!

They Love the Box!

It was a truly magical day! It is so much fun to see Christmas through the eyes of our Grandchildren. We are so blessed!

There are so many more photos I could share but I think this post is long enough! Thanks for hanging in there and allowing me to share a bit of our holiday with you all. I hope that 2013 is a wonderful year for each and every one of you. I wish you all peace and love in the New Year!

Brenda C