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Today's the First Quarter Moon - It's a Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon

Today is the First Quarter Moon. The Zentangle pattern Crescent Moon is just that, a quarter moon! What a perfect day to post a new tangle pattern video of Crescent Moon!

Beginner Zentangle Patterns

The Aura

Crescent Moon is one of the first tangles I teach beginners. First, it’s fun and so versatile. And it teaches a foundational concept in the Zentangle Method of drawing, the AURA. An aura is just a line that is drawn next to another line. Kind of like a ripple in a pond around the spot where the stone hit the water. Or imagine a halo around the head of an angel. Auras are used in LOTS of Zentangle patterns so Crescent Moon is a great tangle to practice!

Beginner Zentangle Patterns

Watch the Video!

Click on the picture below to watch the video of me drawing crescent moon.

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Zentangle Basics Class


If you are just beginning your Zentangle journey and this is a new tangle for you, here’s a step out for you to use.


Make it Your Own

Crescent Moon really is a tangle that you can decorate and make it your own. I've included samples I've drawn with my own "spin" on this basic tangle. Use these as inspiration for your own practice.

Beginner Zentangle patterns
CM 6
Beginner Zentangle Patterns

I hope you make time to try this simple and awesome tangle! If you’re new to Zentangle or you’ve never taken a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) I recommend you do! To find a CZT near you click HERE.

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