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Illumination - Light & Love

It really is better to be the giver!


What do you do with all the Zentangle tiles you draw?

People ask me all the time, “What do you do with all your tiles?” I don’t have a prepared response. Each time I’m asked, I think about it and I’m certain that the answer is different each time. I usually respond with something like, “I collect them.”

Truth is I have some of my favs framed, some are pined to my bulletin board (yes, I have lots of cork in my studio!) some are in albums, and some are in a box. I pull them out and go through them from time to time. If I attend a Zentangle related art retreat I like to bring some of my best work in an album to share with my fellow artists. I update it each time, so the work is current.

I try to practice the Zentangle Method (drawing) and although I don’t always manage a tile every day, it has become a part of my life and I’m so grateful! The ceremony of the Zentangle Method is magic and the first step which is Gratitude and Appreciation is my favorite step. I slow myself down by focusing on my breathing, and then I think of something I’m grateful for in the moment. Occasionally I will also set an intention, a prayer if you will, for someone I care about who may need it. If I’m able I’ll give that tile to them. I love the feeling I get when I give someone a tile I’ve drawn. It really is better to give!

Embedded and Illuminated Letters


Lately I’ve been drawing Embedded Letters. I’d drawn Embedded Letters before. I drew the letters in black ink. They were okay, but I didn’t get excited about them until I started drawing the letters in Metallic Gold Ink. Now I love them! I love the look of the gold letter surrounded by black & white tangling! It makes me think about the Illuminated Manuscripts and the beautiful decorated lettering they contained. Of course, mine are much simpler, after all a 3 ½ inch square tile is not very big (thank goodness!)


Spread Light and Love

Embedded Letter B
Embedded Letter A

The more letters I draw, the more I want to draw them! Thus, the question about what I do with all my tiles. I started to think about what a nice gift a tile with someone’s initial or another letter that’s meaningful to them. In this day when it can be difficult to know what to get someone for a gift, especially if they “have everything already” or like my dad used to say, “Don’t get me anything, I have enough!” Now I can give them a tile I drew with them in mind.

Doesn’t it feel good to hear from someone who tells you they were thinking of you. I know it always makes me smile! How do you think they would feel about receiving a small representation that reminded them you were thinking about them? Like a little bit of your heart right there in their hands! It makes me smile to imagine it that way!

Embedded Letters T
Illuminated Letter S
Embedded Letter L

I gave my sister 2 tiles for her birthday, one with her first and one with her last initial. My sister-in-law did something special for my dear husband and me and I gave her one as a thank you. I can’t wait to see who gets my next one (I already have a list!)

Til next time,
Be You & Be Happy!


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