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New Look For My Master Bedroom

Life has been, well, let’s just say “a bit crazy” lately. I know that is actually the norm for most of us and I accept that. I do look forward to some down time although I’m not sure when that will happen. Oh well, I will keep going and enjoy as much of this crazy life as I can!

We have a pretty good size master bedroom. For a long time we have been talking about doing some type of built-in wall unit to increase our storage. Recently we decided to just do it. When we had our home built we had custom closets done by California Closets. They did a fantastic job so we checked with them first and really liked the design they did for us. They also had a deal going on at the time and we were able to get a wood grain look upgrade at no cost. We couldn’t pass it up.

Here is the wall we are putting the wall unit on before we began. I know, pretty dated stuff here. We really need an update!

Bedroom Project - Before UL

Our primary purpose for the wall unit will be media storage. We have tons of music CDs as well as DVDs and Blue Ray discs and we found ourselves running out of places to store them all. The built-in wall unit has more than enough storage space to accommodate our media collection and I’m sure we’ll find plenty of other uses for all the extra space.

In preparation for the installation, we wanted to paint the walls. We have never had real color on the walls in any home we’ve ever had, so this was a big step for us. I don’t know if you have had this experience or not, but I had no idea how hard it would be to choose colors for the walls. I love the colors in our bedspread (teal and brown) and I know that Steve likes blue so I started there. It took a few tries but we finally found the perfect shades for the walls. We did an accent wall in brown and the rest of the walls in teal.

Bedroom Project - Paint UL

I knew that we would need new curtains to match. I have certainly made my share of curtains but I haven’t done any sewing in a very long time. I don’t shy away from a challenge and I would be home for 3 days while they installed the wall unit. So I decided to give it a try and planned to sew while the wall unit was installed. I found some great fabric and of course I found some great ideas for the curtains on Pinterest.

I’ve always wanted to have curtains with grommets but I assumed that I would need special tools and it would be too costly. Was I ever wrong! I discovered that Dritz make plastic grommets for curtains that snap together. It looked pretty easy in this tutorial I found on Pinterest. (A special thank you to Alison aka “Scoops” from Deuce Cities Henhouse.) So I ordered some of the grommets on I wanted to line the curtains, but even though I’ve made lots of curtains, I’ve never made any that were lined. I found another great tutorial on Pinterest (another special thank you to Karen from Sew Many Ways) and so I was ready to begin.

It felt good to be sewing again and the curtains look pretty good if I do say so myself. They are not perfect, but they are good enough and I think you’d have to look pretty close to find the flaws. See for yourself.

New Bedroom Curtains UL

Here are some more photos so you can see the progress and of course the final product.

New Wall Unit-4 UL

New Wall Unit-3 UL

New Wall Unit-2 UL

New Wall Unit-1 UL

I adore these panels in the upper cabinets!

New Wall Unit UL

We are so pleased with the results! Still have to mount the TV on the wall and have a custom cushion made for the window seat, but I think it looks pretty nice!

Thanks for indulging me as I brag about this project. I’d love to hear what you think so please leave a comment and let me know! Till next time…

Brenda C.