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I Did It! I am now officially a CZT (Certified Zentangle® Teacher)!

If you’ve been following me at all you know that I have been dabbling with Zentangle® styled art and doodles for the past few years. I even had one of my Zendoodles published in a book! Something that I have wanted to do for some time was to attend the CZT seminar. I signed up at the first opportunity for a seminar in 2017 and I can’t wait to teach my first Zentangle Basics class in Angel Studio! In fact the first one is scheduled for Saturday July 29th from 1 – 3:30 pm.

I attended the final CZT Seminar in Rhode Island this year; CZT29. It was so much more than I had imagined! CZT29 was a class of 128 artists from 14 different countries. I met some awesome people and made many new friends. The seminar was held in the historic Providence Biltmore. It was a beautiful hotel and no matter if I was looking out the window or down at the carpet, it offered so much inspiration for Zentangle art! Here are just a couple of examples:

I was blessed that my husband was able to come along with me. No, he didn’t take the seminar, but he was able to have dinner with me and my new CZT friends each evening and that was so nice! Here we are posing with these spectacular Zentangled wings!

When we checked-in we were given a blank Zentangle journal. We used this to take notes and to place the tiles we made at the seminar. The journal is beautiful and I can’t wait to start filling it up with more Zentangle practice!

The CZT seminar focused on preparing us to teach the Zentangle Method of drawing. Each day of the seminar we worked on Zentangle tiles. Learning how to do some of the tangles was huge for me! There were some that I just couldn’t draw by looking at instructions (called step-outs) for the tangles. Watching Risk and Maria doing the tangles and seeing when they turned the tiles made all the difference. This the tile below is one of my favorites from he seminar. It is a tangle called “Molygon”. I just love how it turned out!

I was able to use some of the special tiles at the seminar for the first time . Here’s a black tile with the tangle “Munchin” drawn in white gel pen.

And here is one of the Renaissance tiles. On these tan tiles we used Sakura Micron black and brown pens and the Sakura Gelly Roll white pens. I learned a lot about art pens at this seminar! We also used graphite and white chalk pencil for shading on this one.

The 3Z tiles are triangles and are so fun to work on! Here are the ones I made at the seminar:

The tiny Bijou tiles are so stinking cute! I found them to be great for quick tangle practice. Here are some of the Bijou tiles I did at the seminar:

Zendala tiles are a new favorite of mine! We started with a pre-strung tiles (tiles with a string pattern printed on the tile) but we ignored most of the string. You can still see it in the background.

And here are a few additional tiles that I did at the seminar:

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas are the founders of Zentangle and they taught the CZT Seminar with the help of several great members of the Zentangle family. They made sure everything at the seminar was awesome right down to the uber-cute cupcake wrappers at the graduation celebration. I especially loved that they made time at the end of the seminar to thank all the hotel staff that made it all happen!

I believe that each of us is an artist. I also believe that practicing the Zentangle Method of creating art provides so many benefits. It can be the thing that helps many people believe in themselves. If you are looking for something to relax you, or to give you focus, or just to create something beautiful, the Zentangle Method has something for you! I hope that you are inspired or are at least intrigued. To learn more or to sign up for a class at Angel Studio please contact me.

Until next time, Be Happy and Be You!