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Phi Flowers for my Friends

Phi Flowers for My Friends

Deconstructing Foxglovz, my new tangle pattern!

Don’t you just love flowers? I mean, who doesn’t? I grew up in the Midwest and I remember all the flowers in our yard when I was growing up, lily of the valley, lilacs, gladiolas, iris. These are just some of my favorites! Today I live in the desert, and I’ve grown to love the flowers here! So many wildflowers in the Spring and in the mountains, I can find columbine and other more delicate flowers. And of course, there are all the beautiful cactus blooms! There’s beauty everywhere. It may be different form place to place but how wonderful is that?!? There’s always something new to see and appreciate!

I’ve been studying floral art and I have a book with royalty-free images of wildflowers. In it I found the sketch image of a purple false foxglove wildflower and I started to practice drawing it. It was simple and more importantly it was super fun to draw! One evening, I was tangling online with my niece Kimmie, and I decided we’d play with this flower. So, I deconstructed it, Zentangle® style, and came up with a new tangle; Foxglovz! I wasn’t planning on creating a new tangle, I just wanted to teach this to my niece. We were just going to draw them on Phi tiles and add watercolor. I’ve been drawing flowers on Zentangle Phi tiles for months now, and I like to call them Phi-Flowers.

Below is my original sketch and the tile from my session with Kimmie.

False Foxgloves sketch
Phi Flower - Foxglovz

And that my friends, is how my new tangle was born. I hope you will give it a try and let me know what you think!

Foxglovz Tangle Pattern Step Out

Foxglovz was so much fun to play with that I decided it would be the inspiration for my first monthly mini workshop Tangled Up Together. Of course, I didn’t know what the actual wildflower looked like until after Kimmie and I played with it. I got even more ideas for decorating this tangle when I saw the real thing!

I was blown away when I saw all the drawings my students made using Foxglovz! There is so much talent in the Zentangle community and I have amazing students! Have I mentioned that I love them all?!?

Here are just some of the beautiful artworks we created in my first TUT!

Joanna's Foxgloves tile 1
Cindys foxglovz 1
Laura's Foxglovz tile 1
Cindy's Foxglovz tile 2
Joanna's Foxgloves tile 2

My inspiration for the June 5th edition of Tangled Up Together (TUT) will be flowers and butterflies. I hope you’ll join us for the next Tangled Up Together!

Til next time,
Be You & Be Happy!